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LadiesCamps – for you who enjoy life and a challenge.
LadiesCamps offer sports and well-being adventures for women who want a refreshing break-away together with a few friends or who travel alone and want to meet up with others. We arrange sports camps on the mountain, by the sea or in the city, for those with a passion for sports, fitness and wellbeing. Our ski holidays give you a unique skiing experience, regardless of what level you are on, both off-piste and in the pistes. For those who want to try something extra experienced guides take you to skiing areas beyond the traditional groomed pistes to discover the beauty of off-piste skiing, in some of the world’s best ski resorts.

In the summer we go surfing together in our surf camps, seeking the best surf spots in places like Biarritz and Fuerteventura. You can also join us in New York, combining running and shopping with surfing on Long Beach, or take your family along for a family holiday of surfing and language courses. Yoga is often an important part of our camp activities.

An open mind is good since we live and spend a lot of time together. Ladies sports camps are also about pleasure, yoga, fashion and wellbeing. We are passionate about what we do and want to share that with you. You will leave the camp with new friends from different countries and a smile on your face – Live your dream!

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Lisa our fitness coach and nutritionist will participate in Tjurruset a boot-camp-style cross-country running competition, or to quote the Swedish organizers “Tjurruset är årets tuffaste terränglopp. Här sätts din styrka och uthållighet på prov. Distansen är c:a 10 km. Banan [...]