Get in shape!

To get the maximum out of your trip we recommend you to prepare yourself. A good idea is to go to the gym, go jogging, and practice your balance. To help you get going we have put together a few exercises to complement your other physical activities in preparation for the trip. 


Push-ups are good to strengthen your upper body and arms. Place yourself with your face down and so as many push-ups as it takes to make you feel tired, typically 10-20 repetitions. Rest for 90 seconds and do another set, in total 3-4 sets. If you have problems doing push-up standing on your toes, try standing on your knees.


Split jumps are good for your rear and thigh muscles. Get down with your knees bent looking forward; as if you were skiing, both feet aligned. Get up on your toes and take one quick step forward with one leg, keeping the other foot in its original position. Immediately go back into your starting position. Remember not to jump backwards and forwards, but rather take a giant step. Repeat this for both legs alternatively for 30 seconds. Do 3 sets of this resting 3 minutes between each set.

Cross-over steps with barbell bar

Cross-over steps strengthen the muscles in the thighs, groin, backside and lower back. Stand with you feet aligned and put apart about the width of your shoulders. Keep a good posture, looking forward into the horizon, with the barbell bar placed on your shoulders behind your head. Shift your bodyweight to your right leg and push with your left leg to move your left foot in front of your right foot. Move your body weight to your left leg and push with right leg so that you move forward and with your feet and both in the starting position. Repeat this starting with the right and left foot alternatively. Do as many repetitions as you can in three sets, resting 2 minutes between the sets. Remember to keep your posture during the exercise. The front knee should be positioned vertically above the foot.

Lateral lunges

Lateral lunges are good for your legs, groin, backside and for your back muscles. Place your feet about a shoulder’s width apart and assume a good posture, looking towards the horizon. Take one big step to the side with you right foot, lean forwards with your knee above your foot and stretch your arms forwards. Stay in this position for a second and step back to your starting position as you pull back your arms. Repeat this in the other direction. If you want to increase the load carry a weight in your hands when you stretch your arms forwards. Do 8-10 repetitions for each side in 3 sets. Take a 1 minute rest between the sets.

Step-ups with barbell bar

Step-ups are good for your thighs and help to improve your balance. Place something to step on in front of you and place your right foot on the step keeping the left foot on the floor. Put the barbell bar on your shoulders behind you head. Push with the foot on the floor and swing the leg up in front of you with until you reach a 90 degree angle for the knee and slowly go back to the starting position. Repeat this 10-12 times before you change the leg and do another 10-12 repetitions. Do 3 sets of this with 2 minute rest between the sets.

The jack-knife

The jack-knife is an exercise to strengthen you back. Stand upright on one leg with a weight in your hand. Bend forwards, stretching the free leg backwards until the weight almost touches the floor. The back should be kept straight. Go back slowly to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15 times for each leg.

We also recommend that you go swimming.


Jogging is a very good way to get in shape and increase your endurance. Start by running a few times a week, preferably on a trail in the terrain. This helps your balance and in not as hard on your body as running on the streets. A varied trail with down-hills and climbs is ideal. Start running gently for 15- 30 minutes. Once you get accustomed you can include interval training in the program. Run at about 70% of your maximum speed for 45 seconds followed by a slow jog for 15 seconds. Repeat this 10 times before you rest for 3 minutes. After the rest do another 10 intervals.

Good luck!